Welcome to Bluebird Meadows website. Here you will find information about the farm, our vegetable CSA, our flower CSA and much more. If you can not find something on the site please feel free to email us. We would like to make the site as useful to you as possible!

Our point of view

As we both love the environment, we choose to farm sustainably, with as minimal an impact on the environment as possible. We do not use synthetic fertilizers or chemicals. We do use lots of compost (worm castings are considered 'black gold' among farming enthusiasts), leaf mulch, and cover crops to keep our soil healthy and our biodiversity up. We also hope to incorporate aspects of permaculture on our farm, creating a healthy, closed system with as little outsourcing for material and soil amendments as possible.

We are now signing up for the 2013 Winter Flower CSA and the 2013 Main Season Vegetable and Flower CSAs!  Please send us en email if you are interested in joining our farm for a wonderful season. bluebirdmeadowsnc@yahoo.com

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